2010 Fellows Papers


Projects Directed by: Professor Robert Saxe:

Kimberly Harn, (’11) “The Limitations of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency′s Environmental Justice during the Clinton Administration”

John Pevy, (’11) “Priority; Home?: How Despite Massive Federal Funding the Memphis Goverment Still Managed to Short Change the Homeless”

Dorothy Svgdik, (’13) “Education 2000: The Race to Fix Education by the Millennium”


Projects Directed by: Professor David Jilg:

Caitlin Miller (′12), Aaron Nussdorf (′13), and David Yarbrough (′12) Documentary film entitled, “The History of the McCoy Theatre at Rhodes College”


Projects Directed by: Professor Rosanna Cappellato:

Alexander Nord (‘12) “The Hollywood District Brownfields, Memphis, Tennessee”

Blaire O′Neal (‘12) “Potential Brownfields in the Hollywood District: Research on Nine Sites in the Hollywood-Springdale Area, Memphis, TN”

Courtney Hagewood (‘12) “An Analysis of Three Greenline Projects of Memphis, TN”


Projects Directed by: Professor Jen Houghton:

Adam Alsamadisi (’12) “An Analysis of Communities at Risk of Environmental Injustices”

Andrea Perkins (‘12) “Discordant Dialogue: Discursive Differences at Defense Depot Memphis, Tennessee”


Projects Directed by: Professor Tom Bremer:

Jill Crenshaw (’11) “Homogenization? Blessed Be!: Exploring Tensions Between the Individual and Their Neopagan Community”

Bailey Romano (‘12) “The History of Music at Temple Israel: A Reflection of Evolving Identity”

Jerica Sandifer (’12)  “Open and Affirming′: Shifting Church Identities in the Movement towards GLBT Inclusion”


Projects Directed by: Professor Milton Moreland:

William Bruce (‘11) “Investigating the Cultural Identity of a Pre-historic Habitation Site at Ames Plantation”

Elizabeth Hook (’11) “Archaeoastronomy at the Ames Plantation Mound Site”

Katherine Yewell (‘12) “Deconstructing the Myth: Understanding what Antebellum Life was really like through a close study”