URCAS Submission and Presentation Information


URCAS 2014 will be held on Friday, April 25.

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Information about Presentations

Oral presentations: Oral presentations are 10-20 minutes in length, including audience questions. Plan your presentation with ample time for questions from the audience. All presentation rooms are equipped with a computer and projector, so you can use Powerpoint or other standard software for your presentation if you so desire. Bring your presentation to your URCAS session on a flash drive to avoid having to log in between talks. The program contains presentation times and locations. Arrive at the start of your session, or even a few minutes early to meet your session chair and follow any specific instructions, and plan to remain for the entire session. You are responsible for making sure that your electronic files work properly in the presentation room; you should check this out ahead of time.

Poster presentations: Posters should be no larger than 44 in. x 44 in. Posterboards at URCAS will be numbered and tacks for mounting posters to the boards will be provided. Two posters will share each side of a poster easel; each easel is roughly 8ft. in width and 4ft. in height. Posters should be placed on the poster easel with the number corresponding to your poster listing in the program (the number precedes your presentation title in the program). Posters should be put up at least 30 minute prior to the start of the poster session, and removed within 30 minutes after the end of the sessin. The presenting author should stand next to his/her poster for the duration of the poster session to answer questions and discuss the work with the audience.

Posters may be printed at Kinko′s/FedEx and via posterbrain.com.  Poster printing can be done economically by limiting the use of color and laminating.  Printing will also be available in Barret Library for $15/poster (2x3 ft).  Please use the online reservation system to schedule your printing time slot in Barrett.