Past Fellow Projects


Summer Service Fellows 2011

Name: Neha Mehta, 2012 Major: International Studies & Political Science

Service site:Caritas Village

Project: This summer I worked at Caritas Village, a Cafe and Community Center located in Binghampton.  Mytime at Caritas included working in the kitchen (cooking, baking, and serving) and getting to know members of the Caritas community.


Name: Carlita Mitchner , 2012 Major: Political Science

Service Site: Shelby County Public Defender’s Office

Project: I work with the Mental Health Team at the Shelby County Public Defender’s Office. Throughout the summer I worked on developing a statistical analysis to help the team better place their clients in facilities to improve their mental health.


Name:Annie Bares, 2013 Major: English

Service Site: ArtsMemphis

Project: I work at ArtsMemphis, a nonprofit that fundraises for and promotes the arts in and around Memphis.  I worked on a variety of different projects this summer, but my largest ongoing project was to help redesign Arts Access, a program that provides free tickets to arts events to underserved populations of Memphis.  

Name: Sarah Tchang, 2012 Major: Biology
Service Site: BRIDGES

Project: As a Rhodes Summer Service Fellow for BRIDGES, I served my first six weeks as a facilitator for Future Builders, a summer camp “that provides experiential hands-on learning for a diverse group of middle school students to become leaders in building a better future for themselves and their community.” In the last three weeks, I became a member of BRIDGES Experiential Learning Center which fosters the growth of teamwork skills such as leadership, respect, and inclusion within communities.


Name: Will Bowron, 2012 Major: English

Service Site: Memphis Music Foundation

Project: This summer I worked at the Memphis Music Foundation, a non-profit designed to help local musicians get their careers started and connected with local businesses. I’ve acted as the assistant editor of the MMF blog, the weekly newsletters, and have helped prepare for events throughout the summer.


Name: Caitlin Dempsey, 2012 Major: English

Service Site: Literacy Mid-South

Project: This summer I worked with Literacy Mid-South in all of their different departments, from the family literacy program to the adult literacy program, assisting them in any way which was needed. This included tutoring a class of intermediate adult readers, inputting tutor data, and attending meetings about literacy in the Memphis area. 


Name: Eloise Schlafly, 2012 Major: Economics

Service Site: Church Health Center

Project: This summer I have been working at the Church Health Center Wellness campus in Faith Community Outreach.  My primary project is the editing, creating, and

developing the Center’s Wellness Curriculum.


Name: Laura Atkinson, 2012 Major: Neuroscience

Service Site: Church Health Center

Project: I worked this summer at the Church Health Center Wellness in Child Life Education and Movement. In Child Life, I have the responsibility of taking independent direct care of children a wide variety of ages (6 months- 11 years), planning and implementing many different lessons, being flexible to adjust to anywhere I am needed, providing customer service to our members, and spending project time working specifically on one of our most important tools for helping children adopt healthy habits and lifestyles for the future: the Plan to Get Healthy.



Name: Daisy Laird, 2013 Major: Theatre

Site: Germantown Community Theatre

Project: This summer I worked at Germantown Community Theatre. I was able to experience working with the summer camps and all the behind-the-scene effort that goes into keeping a community theatre alive.


Name: Lizzie Steen, 2012 Major: History

Service Site: Memphis Heritage, INC.

Project: At Memphis Heritage, I am creating a feasibility study for Southwest Community College (SWTCC) to see if a Building Preservation Trades Program would be applicable for their school, as well as the larger Memphis community. Essentially, the process involves researching similar conservation graduate programs across the United States, creating a syllabus, making sure SWTCC has the correct teaching equipment/facilities, and producing a survey that will assess interest in the certificate program locally both at the student and the employee level.


Name: Katie Faucher, 2012 Major: Environmental Studies
Service Site: Livable Memphis

Project: I work at the Community Development Council’s Livable Memphis Program researching Memphis and other U.S. cities bicycle and pedestrian safety violations fines.  This research is being used to change the fines in Memphis to make the roads safer for alternative modes of transportation. 


Name: Ian Engdahl, 2013 Major: Political Economy
Service site: Memphis Area Legal Services

Project: I interned in the elder- and tax-law divisions of the nonprofit law firm Memphis Area Legal Services, which provides free civil legal assistance to those in need. My duties included meeting with clients, assisting attorneys in drafting wills, redesigning the firm’s community-ed materials and brochures, and shadowing attorneys in court. 


Name: Anna Reilly, 2012 Major: Psychology

Service Site: The Exchange Club

Project: I worked at the Exchange Club Family Center as an intern that helped with office tasks as well as playing an active role in facilitating and or participating in educational classes and support group and programs for families and children.


Name: Allison Bruff, 2014 Major: Undeclared

Service Site: Shelby Farms Park Conservancy

Project: My fellowship is based at Shelby Farms Park Conservancy, a non-profit organization charged with managing the largest urban park in America. The majority of my work is in the Education and Outreach Department, concentrating on promoting physical activity, environmental stewardship, and park advocacy.  


Name: Colin Antaya, 2012 Major: Philosophy & History
Service Site: GrowMemphis

Project: I’ve been working with GrowMemphis, an organization which aims to improve community food security throughout Memphis by facilitating and organizing community gardens.  My work included helping in the gardens, researching food policy councils around the nation, and conducting video interviews with our garden leaders.


Name: Laura Wiggins, 2013 Major: Anthropology/Sociology
Service Site: Urban Farms

Project: At the Binghampton Urban Farms and Urban Farms Market, I produce and sell healthy food options, as well as educate the community about healthy food and how to produce it. 


Name: Travis Lux, 2012 Major: Anthropology/Sociology

Service Site: Binghampton Development Corporation

Project: I spent my time at the Urban Farms Market, a community produce market and an arm of the Binghampton Development Corporation.  Here, my responsibilities

included manning the cash register, keeping inventory and ordering produce, and

researching topics of Memphis food policy.


Summer Service Fellows 2010

Name: Virginia Brady, 2012 Major: Neuroscience
Service Site:
 Church Health Center

Name: Mac Bruce, 2011 Major: English
Service Site: Shelby Farms

Name: Catherine Coker, 2012 Major: Anthro/Soc
Service Site: Planned Parenthood

Name: Claire Cullen, 2011 Major: English
Service Site: St. Jude

Name: Justin Deere, 2012 Major: Econ/Bus
Service Site:
 Project Green Fork

Name: Sarah Doherty, 2012 Major: Business
Service Site:
 Ronald McDonald House

Name: Aya Kato, 2011 Major: Chemistry
Service Site:
 Church Health Center & Le Bonheur

Name: Jordan Kennamer, 2013 Major: Economics
Service Site:
 Habitat for Humanity

Name: William Lay, 2013 Major: Political Science
Service Site:
 Memphis Area Legal Services

Name: Alex Lippincott, 2012 Major: Undeclared
Service Site:
 Youth Villages, Inc.

Name: John Payne, 2012 Major: Art & Film Studies
Service Site:
 Wolf River Conservancy

Name: Sarah Rogers, 2012 Major: Greek & Roman Studies
Service Site:
 Literacy Mid-South

Name: Sydney Shearer, 2011 Major: Political Science
Service Site:

Name: Elizabeth Tomlinson, 2012 Major: International Studies
Service Site:
 Caritas Community

Name: Allison Woods, 2011 Major: English
Service Site:
 Memphis University School

Name: Teresa Zhou, 2012 Major: Economics
Service Site:

Summer Service Fellows 2009

Name:  Zachary Albert, 2010   Major: Religious Studies
Service Site: Facing History & Ourselves

Project: I am working with the local Holocaust survivor and second generation community.  I conduct and compile survivor testimonies as well as help to create a survivor webpage to offer specific information to teachers and students prior to survivor visits and speeches.

Name:  Eric Daily, 2011    Major: Political Science
Service Site: Vollentine Evergreen Community Development Corporation

Project: Strong community organizing and mobilizing; grassroots activity with emphasis on crime prevention, community revitalization, urban education, and faith based initiatives.

Name:  Ton Ai Doan, 2011   Major: Anthropology/Sociology
Service Site: Planned Parenthood

Project: I work with the director of education at Planned Parenthood.  I do event planning and will be working on the events for the future school year for VOX (Voices for Planned Parenthood).  

Name:  Phylicia Douglas, 2011   Major: Anthropology/Sociology
Service Site: Southeast Memphis Community Development Corporation

Project: Community involvement is my main focus in the Hickory Hill area of Memphis.  This large area of Memphis is heavily populated by youth, and my job is to gather resources that may interest you in the community.  By helping conduct surveys, construct projects, and directly interacting with youth in Hickory Hill, I am able to have a direct impact on my community, which is my goal.

Name:  Tyler Fraser, 2010   Major: Chemistry
Service Site: Big Brothers / Big Sisters

Project: I am in a program to find mentors for children with incarcerated parents.  I meet with prisoners to find out who has children that need a mentor.

Name: Teralyn Green, 2010   Major: Economics & Business
Service Site: The Leadership Academy

Project: I work with the director of Memphis Connect to help recruit and retain talent in Memphis.  I plan events for the Summer Experience Program for students interning in Memphis, which gives them opportunities to network with the leaders of the city, participate in leadership training, trade tips on how to succeed in the current job market, and explore the social aspects of Memphis.

Name:  Jake Groves, 2012   Major: Undecided
Service Site: Memphis University School SLAM

Project: I teach Fifth-Eighth Graders leadership and public speaking skills.

Name:  Derek King, 2010   Major: Psychology
Service Site: The Memphis Grizzlies Academy & Memphis University SLAM

Project: I teach Tenth Grade English at the Grizzlies Academy and I will teach Fifth-Eighth Graders leadership and public speaking skills at SLAM.

Name: Amanda Law, 2010   Major: Religious Studies
Service Site: Bridges

Project: I am working as a Bridge Builders facilitator.  Bridge Builders is a program for juniors and seniors in high schools from Memphis, who come together to lay aside their differences and work to better the world.  Later in July, I will be working on development of youth programs for Bridges.

Name:  Brianna McCullough, 2010  Major: English Literature
Service Site: Bridges

Project: I am working on the day staff of Bridge Builders Junior Conference.  I serve as a facilitator for group-building activities and leadership discussions. I will also work in the Bridges office writing press releases and pieces for the newsletter.

Name: Stephanie Parazak, 2011  Major: Psychology
Service Site: Hope & Healing – A Ministry of the Church Health Center

Project: I work with the child life room of Hope & Healing, where we help kids to focus on getting healthy through a multitude of activities.

Name: Samantha Sipple, 2010   Major: Psychology & Gender/Sexuality Studies
Service Site: Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA)

Project: I testify on behalf of abused children and neglected children in Juvenile Court and find a safe and secure home for them.

Name: Tierney Sisk, 2011   Major: Psychology
Service Site: Family Services of the Mid-South

Project: I work at Family Services writing a grant for a program to help low-income individuals gain job skills, information on tax benefits, and technical job training for career success.

Name: Amanda Smith, 2011   Major: International Studies/Political Science
Service Site: GrowMemphis

Project: I work with youth and community members on urban gardens in blighted areas of Memphis.

Name: Noelle Smith, 2010   Major: Art
Service Site: Delta Axis

Project: I work with all aspects of Delta Axis including exhibition, event planning, publicity, and installation of artwork.