2009 Rhodes Institute Papers


Music, Religion and Memphis History: Professor Carole Blankenship

Cameron Goodman (’11): “A Comprehensive Typological Analysis of Black Religious Activism in the Civil Rights Movement”

Josie Holland (’11): “Dr. William Herbert Brewster: Gospel Composer”

Kayla Miller (’11): “The Tip of the Iceberg: A preliminary exploration of the life and influences of Reverend Dr. William Herbert Brewster”


Religion and History in Memphis: Professor Tom Bremer

Brent Butgereit (’11): “‘Me and the Devil Was Walking Side by Side’: The Sacred/Secular Dichotomy and Its Inability to Comprehend Spirituals and the Blues”

Brendan Keegan (’10): “Singing the Lord’s Song in a Foreign Land: A Look at Christianity’s Importance For Sudanese Refugees and Congregations in Memphis”

Jami King (’11): “Halsted Street, Chicago /  Mott Street, New York / Jefferson Street, Memphis: A Study in Contrast of Intentional Community in the Late 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries”


Theatre and Performance in Memphis: Professor David Jilg

Lee Bryant (‘11): “40 years, 3 stages, 1 community: A Brief Look at the History of Circuit Playhouse, Inc.”

Elizabeth Moak (‘11): “Political Theatre, The Audience, and RENT”

Rebekah Pykosh (‘11): “A Tale of Two Churches: The Church, Performance, and Theater”


Neuroscience: Professor Kim Gerecke

Danielle Fincher (’10): “The Neuroprotective Effects of Exercise in an Immobilization Chronic Stress Model in the Mouse Hippocampus”

Anna Kolobova (‘11): “The Effect of Exercise and Stress on Neurodegeneration in the Mouse Hippocampus”

Gayatri Patel (‘10): “The Potential Benefits of Exercise in the Mouse Hippocampus Using an Immobilization Chronic Restraint Stress Model”


History and Archaeology in Fayette County, Tennessee: Professor Milton Moreland

Amy Bower (’11): “A Guide to Historic Ceramics in the Antebellum South.”

Cailin Meyer (‘10): “Land Value Patterns in Ames Plantation, Fayette County, Tennessee: 1825-1860.”  

Sarah Rogers (’11):  “The Beginnings of Public Education in Rural Tennessee during the Reconstruction Period: A Look at the Schools at Ames Plantation in Fayette County, TN.”


The Clinton Presidential Library: Professor Robert Saxe

Jonathan Schwartz (‘11): “President Clinton’s Gun Control Myth: A Missed Opportunity to Protect Americans”

Elizabeth A. Steen (’12): “When Liabilities Become Assets: Investigating Brownfields Redevelopment and Its Correlation to Economic and Environmental Sustainable Development”

Daniel Williford (‘11): “Constructing Cultural Sovereignty Political Action at Tribal Colleges and Universities”