The Rhodes Journal of Regional Studies


Volume III, 2006


Editor′s Introduction
Tim Huebner

Traffic Regulation or Racial Segregation? The Closing of West Drive and Memphis vs. Greene (1981) 
David Tyler

[This article was published in volume 66 of the Tennessee Historical Quarterly.]


"A Man Git This Yella Water in His Blood": The Evolution of Blues Poetry and Performance 
Sara Rutherford

Challenging the Urban Lifestyle: Memphis, Overton Park, and the Interstate 40 Controversy
Adam Doupe

Volume II, 2005

Editor′s Introduction
Tim Huebner (32KB)
"Rebels to the Core: Memphians under William T. Sherman"
John Bordelon (3.22MB)
"The Literary Life of Ida B. Wells-Barnett"
Sarah Hildenbrand, (3.22MB)
"Doctrine, Demographics, and the Decline of the Southern Baptist Convention in Shelby County Tennessee"
Andrew Trundle, (3.22MB)

"Current Musical Trends in Memphis Area Evangelical Churches"
Ben Tanner,  (3.22MB)

"Education and the Subprime Lending Market: The Case of the Memphis Metropolitan Statistical Area"
Caroline Downing,  (3.22MB)

  About the Authors  (32KB)

Volume I, 2004

  "Researching a Region: Introducing the Rhodes Journal of Regional Studies"
Tim Huebner   (PDF, 60 KB)
  "The ′Dean of Memphis Musicians′: The Life and Work of Christopher Philip Winkler, 1824-1913"
Daniel Anglin (PDF, 419 KB)
  "Reconsidering the Role of the Irish in the Memphis Race Riot of 1866"
Millie Worley  (PDF, 183 KB)
  "Explaining the Enigma: Understanding the Failure of Further Legalized Gambling in Arkansas"
Chris Hathorn  (PDF, 246 KB)
  About the Authors  (PDF, 29 KB)