Greek and Roman Studies

Scott Garner

Scott Garner recently resumed teaching full-time in the Department of Greek and Roman Studies after serving several years as Director of the Fellowships Program at Rhodes, through which he coordinated experiential learning opportunities for the college’s students. His research interests center around ancient Greek oral traditions, and he is the author of Traditional Elegy: The Interplay of Meter, Tradition, and Context in Early Greek Poetry (2011).

Llewelyn Morgan: Bamiyan at the Centre and the Margins

Dr. Llewelyn Morgan of Oxford University will offer a lecture on the monumental statues of the Buddha once found in the Bamiyan valley of Afghanistan. Bamiyan has often been entirely forgotten by the world at large, but at times also has become the focus of intense attention for people the world over. This talk investigates the role of Bamiyan in the human imagination, from the first millennium to 2016.


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