Greek and Roman Studies

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The Social Exchange Co-Founded by Rhodes Senior Gillian Wenhold Is More Than a PR Firm for Nonprofits

She and her co-founders have assembled a nationwide team of “curators” in Memphis, New York, and Washington, D.C., to promote nonprofits and socially responsible businesses. Curators also are encouraged to volunteer 20 percent of their time to causes that matter to them personally.

Rediscovering Ancient Roman Hairdressing: Janet Stephens, Speaker

Before 2008, scholars assumed that the
    hairstyles depicted on ancient Roman female portraiture were
    universally false—either wigs or invented by the sculptor with
    no reference to the subject’s “actual” hair.  Janet
    Stephens’ overturned this assumption after rediscovering the
    Roman practice of sewing hairstyles together using needle and

Scott Garner

Scott Garner recently resumed teaching full-time in the Department of Greek and Roman Studies after serving several years as Director of the Fellowships Program at Rhodes, through which he coordinated experiential learning opportunities for the college’s students. His research interests center around ancient Greek oral traditions, and he is the author of Traditional Elegy: The Interplay of Meter, Tradition, and Context in Early Greek Poetry (2011).


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