Textual study and written critical analysis sit at the heart of the liberal arts experience, and the Rhodes College Department of English provides rigorous training in both. Our courses provide students with the tools necessary to read literature both attentively and critically, and to articulate those readings in formal papers that match lucidity with imagination. In addition to covering the full range of British, American, and Anglophone literature, from Beowulf to Toni Morrison, our course offerings also encompass film studies, creative writing, and creative non-fiction. Additionally, students can engage in internships and independent study. 

For a literary work to survive, it must master its medium, language. Similarly, we affirm that literary study goes hand in hand with clear, persuasive, and artful argumentation. Finely honed writing skills are not only portable and transferable across the curriculum, but also indispensable in the broader workplace.

Marshall Boswell, Chair

Department of English Faculty 

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Congratulations to the 2015 student winners who received awards at the annual Honor′s Convocation held in Hardie Auditorium!


Cynthia Marshall Award
Will Roudabush


John R. Benish Award for Excellence in the Study of English
Katie Cannon


Jane Donaldson Kepple Creative Writing Award
Alex Cronin


Jane Donaldson Kepple Creative Writing Award
Christian Zoeller


Jane Donaldson Kepple Award, Senior English Essay
Katie Cannon


Jane Donaldson Kepple Award, Scholarly Essay
Bailey Kimmitt


Jane Donaldson Kepple Writing Prize – 1st year Student English Essay
Mark Robinson


Allen Tate Creative Writing Award
Phoebe Driscoll


Anne Howard Bailey Prize for Creative Writing
Taylor White

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