Judith Haas | Assistant Professor
Office: 400 Palmer Hall | Phone: (901) 843-3076 | Email: haasj@rhodes.edu


Judith Haas joined the Rhodes English department in 2002 after earning a Ph.D. in Literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz. In addition to teaching in the English Department, she is also Co-director of Postgraduate Scholarships and Fellowships. Her research interests include medieval romance, retellings of the fall of Troy in medieval and early modern literature, Feminist and Queer Theory, and Literary Theory. Vita (PDF)


University of California, Santa Cruz, CA Literature Ph.D. 2000
Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT  English B.A., Phi Beta Kappa, 1989


English 151 – First Year Writing Seminar: The Politics and Pleasures of Food
Humanities 201 – The Search for Values in the Light of Western History and Religion
English 265 – Queer Identities/Queer Narratives
English 325 – Chaucer
English 380 – Dante in Translation: the Poetics of the Body
Gender and Sexuality Studies 200 - Introduction to Gender Studies
Gender and Sexuality Studies 400 – Feminist and Queer Theory

Selected Publications

Trojan Sodomy and the Politics of Marriage in the Roman d’Eneas. Exemplaria  20.1  (2008): 48-71.