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Jennifer Brady has taught in the English department at Rhodes since 1984. She won the Clarence Day Award for Outstanding Teaching in 1993. She earned her B.A. at the University of Toronto and her Ph.D. at Princeton University. She has published articles and book chapters and co-edited collections of essays on two major seventeenth-century writers, Ben Jonson and John Dryden. Her teaching interests include Renaissance and Restoration drama, the novel of manners, authorial studies, literary influence, and literary history. In her personal life, she is a dedicated and passionate fan of the Memphis Grizzlies and the owner of several vertically challenged dogs. Vita (pdf)


1980, Ph.D., English Literature, Princeton University
1977, M.A., Princeton University
1974, B.A., English Literature, University of Toronto


English 190 - Introductory Topics in Literature
                        Austen′s Fiction
                        Contemporary American & Canadian Fiction
English 221 - Novel of Manners
English 265-  Special Topics
                         Modern Novella
                         American Fiction in the Gilded age
English 323 - Renaissance Drama 
English 340 - Restoration Drama 
English 385 - Junior Seminar: Critical Theory and Methodology
                         The Other Titans: Jonson and Fletcher
                         17th Century Satiric Comedy - Jonson, Dryden and Congreve
English 485 - Senior Research Seminar
                        John Fletcher: The Case for Collaborative Writing

Selected Publications

Jennifer Brady, Greg Clingham, David Kramer and Earl Miner, Literary Transmission and Authority: Dryden and Other Writers, edited by Earl Miner and Jennifer Brady. Cambridge Studies in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Thought, 17. (Cambridge University Press, 1993). Paperback reprint, 2005.  









Ben Jonson′s 1616 Folio, edited by Jennifer Brady and W. H. Herendeen (University of Delaware Press, 1991).  

Articles and Book Chapters

"Jonson′s Reception in the Restoration and Eighteenth Century," in The Oxford Handbook of Jonson Studies, ed. Eugene Giddens (Oxford University Press, Forthcoming).

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Brady′s reviews have appeared in the following journals: Renaissance Quarterly, Modern Philology, Comparative Drama, Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England, University of Toronto Quarterly, and The Dalhousie Review.

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