Past Events


2014 Induction Ceremony, February 28th in East Village Lodge

Reading by Professor Seth Rudy

Professors Haas, Boswell & Garner

Sigma Tau Delta Creative Writing Workshop held October 24, 2013

Alexandra Moore and John Cerrito

Alexandra Moore and Emma Tutor

Chelsea Ortego

2013 Officers pictured below: Katherine Neale, Robin Abernathy, Amaryllis Lyle, Samantha Bryan

2013 Induction Ceremony


Sigma Tau Delta Helps Fund Literacy Project

Rhodes’ chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society, recently donated to a literacy and history project in Tennessee called “I’m a Poet And Don’t Know It.” Their contribution will help provide sixth graders in a high-need, rural school with 15 poetry books, including works by Shel Silverstein, Langston Hughes, and Dr. Seuss. The honor society raised funds by helping Davis-Kidd Booksellers with its holiday gift-wrapping. The fundraising project was led by Bryan Hearn ’09, Vice-President for Campus Involvement for Rhodes’ chapter of Sigma Tau Delta. Publication Date: 1/26/2009.

Spring Induction—April 10, 2007 at East Village Lodge
Vice President of Campus Activities,Caroline Cole, and Secretary, Jonathan Callis, read exerpts from their Senior Projects.