Typical Daily Schedule


8:00-9:00am: Breakfast
Students eat breakfast in the refectory and work on their papers in the computer lab.

9:00-11:00am:  Morning Class Session
Mornings are usually devoted to discussion of the reading.

11:00-1:00pm: Midday Break
Students have lunch with their professors and Institute staff with time left over for a swim or game of tennis at the gym, a nap back at the dorm, or a rough draft in the computer lab.

1:00-3:00pm:  Afternoon Class Session
Afternoons often involve workshops and writing exercises.

3:00-5:00pm: Free Time
Students usually spend these hours discussing their day′s work, relaxing in the social room or their dorm rooms, and exercising at the gym. The College Prep series also occurs during this time.

5:00-6:30pm: Dinner Break
Along with the rest of the campus community, students eat dinner in the refectory and socialize in Middle Ground, the student lounge.

7:00-9:00pm:  Evening Activity
The evening lecture and reading series “Brain Candy” takes place after dinner, as do film viewings. Some nights, especially on weekends, this time is devoted to social events like Movie Night, Open Mike, and a dance.