Ambitious young writers from around the country participated in Rhodes’ 35th annual Summer Writing Institute. Read more.

"Attending the writing institute is among the top experiences from my high school years. The program helped me to become a more confident writer through exposure to demanding assignments and an extremely supportive community of fellow students. Beyond the workload, it really is a preview of college life. School will always be demanding. However, when friends are all busy with assignments, work time and play time often make a welcomed mix. I highly recommend the institute to anyone looking to further their writing abilities, and especially to those who are interested in Rhodes for college." 
-Jack Morrison, Institute student and Rhodes Class of 2017

"Being in the Writing Institute taught me what college would feel like. It exposed me to being in a class with people with different backgrounds and personalities. It also provided me the opportunity to see what an intensive writing class would be like in college. My professor was energetic and a bit eccentric, but she made the class fun. I took the poetry class, which fueled my interest in creative writing. I am currently a Junior at Rhodes. Though I am not studying Creative Writing as a major (I am a Mathematics and Spanish double major), I took an elective class here on campus. I also try to write poetry in my free time. The Summer Writing Institute also solidified my choice in coming to Rhodes. I enjoyed every minute of the Summer Writing Institute, including the RAs!"
-Javorah Davis, Institute student and Rhodes Class of 2016
Ivy Thompson, Summer Writing Institute class of 2007 and Rhodes Class of 2012, talks about her college experience
"Being at the Writing Institute gave me a preview of what the English classes at Rhodes might be like as well as the opportunity to meet many new friends. Almost 20% of the people at the Institute went on to become freshman at Rhodes, so it was a little less intimidating having a group of people you already knew pretty well (versus most freshman who don′t know anyone). The Institute went a long way to further my skills as a writer, and it allowed me to develop in a different genre than I had in the past."
-Patrick Hoover, Institute student and Rhodes Class of 2007 
"The summer program at Rhodes gave me a unique opportunity to learn more about creative writing and gave me the confidence to continue writing in college. My fellow students were great, the professors were stimulating, and the setting was unbeatable-an amazing experience."
-Cleve Wiese, Institute student and Rhodes Class of 2005 
"I had a wonderful time at Rhodes this summer-my professor was challenging, but very eager to help, and the friendships and memories I made with people all over the country will last a lifetime."
-Caitlin Sullivan, Institute student and Rhodes Class of 2005 
"I had the time of my life that summer-really! It′s so wonderful to be around other kids who share that kind of desire for learning. The teachers make it fun, not work, and the RA′s were always willing to help us."
-Ashley Bowen, Institute student 
"I wish I was back at Rhodes every time I walk in my English class. Nothing compares to that summer writing experience. I was in a class I enjoyed with a professor who was really knowledgeable and who taught what he did because he loved it. With only four hours in class and a good amount of freedom, there is no way to avoid your fellow students, and after the first day, you won′t want to. I met some fascinating, smart people I won′t soon forget, people I′d never expect to meet in my own school or neighborhood."
-Hale Shepherd, Institute student 
"This program was awesome. I learned many things about writing and met really cool people. The professors helped us improve our writing, and the RAs showed us a true college experience. What else could you ask for?
-Sarah Gaputis, Institute student