Planning a Major


As a chemistry major′s interests develop, a personalized program suitable to the student′s particular objectives is designed in consultation with the department. The heart of any such program is a regular sequence of core courses.

In the first year, the entering major should take Chemistry 120 (Foundations of Chemistry) and 211 (Organic Chemistry), and the accompanying laboratory course; many students also take their calculus courses in the first year.

In the second year the student should take Chemistry 212 (Organic Chemistry II) with laboratory, and Chemistry 240 (Quantitative Analytical Chemistry); many students also take their physics courses in the second or third year.

In the third year, the student should take Chemistry 311-312 (Physical Chemistry) with laboratory, though some students take this course sequence in the fourth year. 

Additional courses, chosen for the particular student′s program, offer greater depth, both in the three years of core courses and in the senior year. In the junior and senior years, capable students are urged to participate in original research, usually in cooperation with faculty members, by taking Chemistry 451-452. 

The department also offers a track in Biochemistry. This program is appropriate for students contemplating graduate study in biochemistry or other related biomedical fields. The first and second years of the program are identical to that of the Chemistry track.