What to Take


Students may enter the chemistry program at several levels. Non-science majors may use Chemistry 105 (Topics) or Chemistry 120 (Foundations of Chemistry) as entryways to the basics of chemistry and an introduction to the relationships between chemistry and other branches of knowledge.

A student who is considering taking a B.S. degree with a major in Chemistry is advised to take the Chemistry 120 and 211 (Foundations of Chemistry & Organic Chemistry) sequence in the first year.

Knowledge of chemistry at the high-school level is assumed in Chemistry 120; however, capable students have in the past successfully completed the first year chemistry sequence without prior chemistry courses. Consult with your professor if you have any concerns.

Students majoring in other sciences or mathematics may choose to take the Chemistry 120 and 211 (Foundations of Chemistry & Organic Chemistry) sequence as an introduction to work within the department.