What’s "the Big Diehl"?


Publication Date: 10/2/2007

A new weekend program known as “the Big Diehl” hopes to broaden the range of students’ cultural, social, and educational opportunities. The initiative, named after former Rhodes president Charles E. Diehl, will sponsor ten events with little or no cost to all students.

“We want to provide students with the opportunity to grow both within and outside of the classroom,” says Regina Simmons, associate director of Residence Life.  Simmons is one of several members of the sponsoring group, which consists of Student Affairs staff and student leaders. 

On September 8, over 60 students enjoyed a day at Six Flags St. Louis, one of three weekend trips offered.  One of the upcoming events is an October 27 trip to Little Rock to browse the William J. Clinton Presidential Library.

Other upcoming events also include a Texas Hold ′Em poker tournament at the Lynx Lair (October 6) and trips to the Stax and Sun Studios in Memphis (November 3) and to Nashville for a Predators game (November 10). 

(information compiled by Bryan Hearn, Rhodes Student Associate in the Rhodes Communications Office)