Laura Hofto ’10 to Speak at CompLife 2007 in The Netherlands


Publication Date: 9/28/2007

Laura Hofto

Laura Hofto ’10 will speak at CompLife 2007, an international symposium on Computational Life Science, to be held October 4-5 at The University of Utrecht in The Netherlands. Hofto will present a talk on her research, "Using Simple Molecular Orbital Calculations to Predict Disease: Fast DFT Methods Applied to Enzymes Implicated in PKU, Parkinson’s Disease and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder."

Co-presenter Jessica Cross ’08 also will attend the conference. Hofto has been working on the project since last year, with additional work contributed by Cross and Rhodes alumna Meghan Hofto ’07.

The research involves quantum mechanical modeling of how proteins interact with small molecules and how mutations in these proteins can cause disease.  It was funded by a grant from the Research Corporation, and travel funds were provided by a Spence Wilson international travel grant and the Rhodes CARES office.

A peer-reviewed manuscript based on Hofto’s talk will be published in the Conference Proceedings.