What We Did Over the Summer – That Is to Say Environmentally


Publication Date: 8/28/2007

Rhodes continued its environmental efforts over the summer including:

  • taking an inventory of campus recycling bins
  • creating new signage for recycling stations
  • designing a schedule for recycling
  • providing new faculty with environmentally friendly gift baskets with information about campus environmental initiatives

The inventory revealed a few buildings were missing bins or bin lids, a few bins had been shuffled around campus, and other bins were in need of scrubbing. Camielle Smith ’09, the environmental intern, with the help of the summer paint crew, cleaned the bins and returned them to their original locations, complete with new signage.

Smith with the Rhodes Communications Office designed these new 11 x 17 signs to feature a visually pleasing, easy-to-read list of what can and can’t be recycled.  The signs already have received praise from students, staff, and faculty alike.

Summer also presented an opportunity for faculty and staff to “green up” at home with the "How Green Are You" energy contest. Faculty and staff are encouraged to sign up for at least one block of green energy for their homes, and their names are entered into a drawing for prizes.

Overall, new projects took flight, old projects enjoyed continued success, and greater ventures are in sight for the academic year. 

For more information about Rhodes’ environmental efforts, contact Tracy Adkisson at (901) 843-3133.