Outdoor Sculpture Park Welcomes Creativity of Art Department’s Trever Nicholas


Publication Date: 8/21/2007

Trever Nicholas, Rhodes assistant professor of art, has been a fellow at Franconia Sculpture Park (FSP) in Minnesota. Each sculpture in the public outdoor rural setting is built by a different artist. The park is located on 20 acres northeast of Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Nicholas created a piece called “Concrete Skinscape” and was one of the artists-in-residence featured in the WCCO-TV story about the park. “The lines I′m drawing on the surface of this pigmented concrete are actually the lines of the back of my hand," says Nicholas in the segment. "I liked the idea that this could be similar to something like Gulliver′s Travels where the people of Lilliput walked on the surface of Gulliver′s skin."

In FSP’s first 11 years, it has supported the careers of more than 400 emerging and established, regional, national and international artists. Artists may be in residence at FSP from three weeks to two months, whatever it takes to complete an ambitious new project.

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