Barret Library Provides Space For Communities To Gather, Interact According to AP Education Writer


Publication Date: 7/26/2007

A number of colleges are looking to libraries where communities naturally gather and interact, and Rhodes has achieved that with the Paul Barret, Jr. Library, according to Justin Pope in an Associated Press article titled “College Libraries Not Just Books.”

“Like schools around the country, Rhodes College has made a refreshing discovery about libraries: They can do a lot more for a campus than just store books,” writes Pope.

“Its [Barret Library] traditional feel blends seamlessly with Rhodes′ other handsome Gothic buildings, while inside it has all the modern amenities students expect. Now, between classes, students come here to read in silence and work in teams, with regular breaks to chat with friends or visit the coffee bar.”

Rhodes President Bill Troutt, and Bob Johnson, vice president for information services, are among those quoted in the article. Marjorie Schwahn ’09 says in the article she spends three to four hours per day in the library.

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