Rhodes Student Passionate About Bicycle-Friendly Communities


Publication Date: 7/13/2007

In June, Tennessee passed a law requiring motorists to pass bicycles with at least a 3-foot berth. “The law reflects the increased value local governments are placing on bicycle-friendly communities. It is a perk for both motorists and cyclists, as increased bicycle use translates to safer and more desirable cities,” according to Rhodes student and daily cycling commuter Anthony Siracusa.

Siracusa regularly writes a cycling column published in The Commercial Appeal. “The specter of global warming and the steady rise of gas prices have inevitably urged Americans to consider going by bike,” writes Siracusa. “In Memphis, even without bike lanes, we are seeing more and more bicycles in the roadway. And this is a good thing, as are laws which protect cyclists. Such laws are direct investments in the health and safety of our cities.”

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