New Members of Phi Beta Kappa to be Inducted May 11


Publication Date: 4/20/2007

The Rhodes College Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa (Gamma of Tennessee) is pleased to announce that the following students from the class of 2007 have been invited to join the Society as Members-in-Course.

Anthony M. Berry,  Math
Kenneth A. Bohnert,  Biology
Allison M. Burris,  English
Jonathan P. Callis,  English
Elizabeth A. Carlson,  Economics
Matthew Steven Claypool, Russian
Aaron T. Creek,  Biology
Adam C. Doupe,  History
Andrew T. Greer,  International Studies
Jessica D. Hallford,  Art
Daniel M. Heacock,  Economics
Katherine C. Henderson, English
Meghan E. Hofto,  Chemistry
Truett R. Horne,  Economics and Business Administration
Stephen A. Howden,  Economics and Business Administration
Meredith K. Huddleston, Economics
Tulisha M. Jackman,  Greek and Roman Studies
David P. Johnson,  Physics
Paul A. Justice,  Economics and International Studies
Katherine C. Key,  Biology
Rebecca A. Koftan,  Business Administration
Lisette Lipscomb,  Economics and Business Administration
Daniel D. Lombardo,  Biology
Matthew T. Lovett,  Philosophy
Sarah K. Lunceford,  Spanish
Janna V. Miller,  Psychology
Suvarna K. Murti,  Biology
Joel T. Parsons,  Art
Mehul M. Patel,  Chemistry
Anna E. Phillips,  Economics and International Studies
Susan W. Powell,  History
Reed R. Reynolds,  Economics
Jonathan R. Snape,  Religious Studies and Philosophy
Anna C. Stagg,  Psychology
Andrea N. Turnquist,  French

The following six other members of the class of 2007 accepted membership during their junior year:  Emily I. Backues (Chemistry), Matthew D. Cain (Biology), Megan K. Dyer (Political Science), Sarah C. Lineback (History), Amy D. Moore (Music), and Amy J. Wells (Biology).

The chapter also is pleased to announce the invitation to Membership-in-Course of the following members of the class of 2008.

Diana M. Comes,  English
Ashley B. Cundiff,  History
Tara E. Daniel ,  Biology
Michael B. Hathorn,  Economics and Business Administration
Sarah E. Mercer,  Biology

Election to Membership-in-Course in Phi Beta Kappa is based upon a record of excellence in the study of liberal subjects. The chapter congratulates all the members-elect for their exceptional academic accomplishments.

New members of Phi Beta Kappa will be inducted in a ceremony, which will be held at 11:30 on Friday, May 11 (the day of the baccalaureate ceremony) in the Blount Auditorium of Buckman Hall.

The annual luncheon will follow the induction ceremony at approximately 12:15 in the West Dining Hall of the Burrow Refectory. 

Members of the Rhodes College community are invited to attend both of these events.  Persons wishing to make luncheon reservations should contact Dr. Judith Haas at