Rhodes Institute for Regional Studies Announces Nineteen 2007 Fellows


Publication Date: 4/11/2007

The Faculty of the Rhodes Institute for Regional Studies has selected 19 students to receive 2007 Rhodes Institute Fellowships. They are Lindsey Cloud, Brian Darrith, Sarah Eldridge, Matthew Horton, Amber James, Brittany Jenkins, Stephanie Juchs, Eva Krug, Catherine Lawson, Thorne Maginnis, Ethan McClelland, Cord McLean, Avery Pribila, Kacie Ross, Anthony Siracusa, Dustin Sump, Lauren Tull, Daniel Vanaman, and Laura Vansickle.

This year’s Rhodes Institute Fellows will conduct research throughout the region and in collaboration with multiple institutions and organizations.  Three fellows will work on archaeological projects at the Ames Plantation in Fayette County, Tenn., while another three will analyze Civil Rights-era photographs for a future exhibit at the Brooks Museum of Art.  Two students will conduct archival research at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Ark. 

In conjunction with Rhodes’ new Mike Curb Institute of Music, several fellows will research musical topics, including, for example, the Depression-era Federal Music Project in Memphis and the distinctiveness of Memphis rap music.

Other research projects this year range from an ecological assessment of green spaces in the Hollywood-Springdale community to the controversy surrounding the desegregation of Memphis’s Second Presbyterian Church.

“The Rhodes Institute is proud of the partnerships that it has formed in our community and our region, and we are thrilled to have such a diverse set of projects for our fellows this summer,” says Professor Timothy Huebner.

The Rhodes Institute for Regional Studies, founded in 2003, offers students a unique opportunity to engage in eight weeks of research on the Mid-South region.  Fellows begin the program by participating in a two-week regional studies seminar led by Institute Faculty that includes guest lectures and field trips.  The next five weeks involve independent research guided by Institute Faculty Mentors.  During the final week of the program, Fellows submit and present their work to the Institute Faculty.

Rhodes Institute Fellows receive housing, research support, and a stipend for their work.  The Rhodes Institute for Regional Studies, part of Rhodes CARES (Center for Academic Research and Education through Service), is made possible by the generous support of the Robert and Ruby Priddy Charitable Trust of Wichita Falls, Texas.