“Unembedded” Photographer Thorne Anderson ’89 Tours with Exhibition


Publication Date: 2/13/2007

Photojournalist Thorne Anderson, a 1989 graduate of Rhodes College whose photographs have appeared frequently in TIME and Newsweek magazines, is one of four freelance photographers represented in the book Unembedded (Chelsea Green Publishing Co., 2005), a pictorial account of Iraqi life during the prewar period of imposed sanctions and the war itself. Anderson and the three other photojournalists, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, Kael Alford and Rita Leistner, chose to be embedded not with U.S. military forces, but with the Iraqi people, both Shiite and Sunni. They stayed with families, in hotels, even in a mosque in Najaf and occasionally with U.S. troops.

Anderson and the other photographers are touring the country speaking at exhibitions of their work at various institutions such as Yale University, the Carter Center in Atlanta, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences’ College of Public Health in Little Rock and Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR.

Thorne, who covers international news with Corbis/Sygma, lives in Amsterdam.