Rhodes Alumni and Married Physicians Show Compassion for Others While Serving In Africa


Publication Date: 11/29/2006

David and Amy McCollum, both members of the Class of 1997, met at Rhodes and wanted their careers to involve service. They attended medical school together and now are physicians working in Swaziland, an African country with a high HIV infection rate. The couple recently was featured in an article written by Elizabeth Langton for The Dallas Morning News.

"I really feel like this is the biggest health problem (AIDS) of our time. I want to be a part of solving it," says Amy McCollum in the article. The McCollums are members of the Baylor College of Medicine′s Pediatric AIDS Corps serving in African countries. In addition to seeing patients, the doctors conduct HIV education classes, train other doctors and make visits to those sick.

"It takes a special type of person to forgo a potentially lucrative medical practice for work in a disease-ravaged developing country," says the corps director Dr. Mark Kline in the article. Read more