Year 4: Expertise


In the fourth and final year students will share and discuss their individual experiences. Seniors serve as mentors and facilitate leadership activities and retreats. Monthly meetings, an in-depth program evaluation and retreat experiences serve to provide integration, reflection, and closure as part of the transition into post-graduate life.

Seniors will spend time reflecting and planning for the future. Their activities include:

  • Writing letters to influential people in their lives
  • Career planning
  • Presentation of learning and community impact
  • Developing a personal mission statement of lifelong service
  • Completing an Exit Survey
  • Continuing to hold campus and community leadership positions
  • Sharing experiences and expertise with younger Scholars
  • Inviting new¬†Fellows to shadow you at your primary service site

This program is based on the Bonner Foundation′s Developmental Model.

Learn more about summer requirements for Bonners on the Summer of Service page.