Year 3: Example


The third year of the program provides students with continued reflection on leadership in the context of their focus and the liberal arts curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to meet various community leaders. Alumni and community leaders from various fields (corporate, non-profit, education, health, etc.) will join students to discuss leadership and social issues highlighted by the personal experiences of the community leaders. The participants will discuss with these leaders their own experiences as leaders in service.

The third year includes:

  • Two Junior Leader Dinners held each semester with the featured speaker being an individual who has made a significant impact within their community
  • Completion of a Mid-point Survey
  • Taking on leadership at service sites and/or in campus organizations
  • Participating in internships that relate to primary areas of service
  • Inviting new¬†Fellows to shadow you at your primary service site

This program is based on the Bonner Foundation′s Developmental Model.

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