The Med


“Each year, more than 200 individuals from throughout Memphis and the Mid-South devote more than 16,000 hours to assist in caring for and providing service to our patients, families, and staff. Volunteering at Regional Medical Center at Memphis provides a rewarding and unique experience to affect and help improve the quality of life for individuals throughout the region.  As a volunteer you will not only enjoy the rewards of "giving back" to the community, but also find avenues to further your interests, discover new opportunities to use your existing skills and talents, and receive service credits towards your education and career goals.” -- from The Med webpage on volunteering

The Med allots Rhodes students the opportunity to delve into the medical field and gain hands on experience in their chosen career field. It brings Rhodes students together and provides volunteer experiences within many different facets of the hospital. What differentiates the Med from other hospitals in Memphis is its dedication to providing healthcare services to everyone in need, whether they have or do not have healthcare.

"What I really like about the Med is the diversity of patients I  get to interact with when I volunteer. It′s located in the heart of Memphis, and there are patients from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Having the chance to interact with them further solidifies my aspiration of becoming a doctor, and helping to improve the quality of healthcare both in Memphis and surrounding areas." – Charles Walker, 2014

Explore The Med website or the Kinney page to learn more about getting involved.