CHOICES: Memphis Center for Reproductive Health


Choices′ mission is to empower individuals in the Mid-South community to make informed choices for and about their reproductive health. Choices provides clients with reproductive health information and services. Choices also works in the Memphis community to create a network of providers, making it easier for their clients to access other necessary services. Rhodes students can volunteer on Choices′ clinic days or intern for different programs, which can include responsibilities like working with social media, webpages, or other outreach.

"While working at Choices, I learned a lot about reproductive health and reproductive justice. I really enjoyed working to create a network of providers for the Memphis community because it is useful in an area with so many great nonprofits, who through working with each other will better be able to service the people of Memphis."
-- Kelsie Cox, 2013

Explore theĀ CHOICES website and visit theĀ Kinney page to learn how to get involved.