Year 2: Experience


The second year provides students with a more in-depth analysis of various theories and models of leadership and service including social change, servant-leadership, and vocation integration. The program provides students the opportunity to explore how their service experiences apply to leadership theory and can later be applied to their homes, communities, and workplace settings. Reflection on leadership during the second year will relate to the participant’s service focus. Participants set measurable goals for themselves and are held accountable for the achievement of them.

The second-year experience includes:

  • Sophomore Workshops held each semester on leadership topics and how they relate to service commitments such as Parker Palmer’s Leading from Within and the Social Change Model and Reflective Leadership
  • Focusing hours and projects on a particular area or service site
  • Participating in trainings specific to each scholar’s work at their primary service site in order to develop skills and receive certifications that are necessary
  • Shadow program that pairs experienced and new Fellows at primary service sites.  

This program is based on the Bonner Foundation′s Developmental Model.

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