Online Work Order System


To submit a work order, click here.  When logging in, be sure to enter your entire e-mail address.

Once a work request is entered into the online system, it is initially routed to a department based on the service selected (that’s why you do not see a service option called “other”).  Department supervisors check for new requests several times daily.  They assign work orders to the appropriate staff person.

Some departments use electronic handheld devices to deliver work orders to their staff, while others print paper copies for distribution.  When work orders have been completed, any relevant information is entered into the database and the order is closed.  We have a rich informational history of maintenance for all our buildings that goes back almost 10 years, thanks to consistent use of our online system.

You can check the status of any requested, open, or closed work orders you have submitted here.

If you are unable to log into the work order system, contact Tracy Adkisson by e-mail or telephone at (901) 843-3133.