Religious Student Groups


Many students at Rhodes are active in worship and prayer groups on campus, student-led religious organizations, interfaith dialogue, peace and justice ministries, and a wide range of faith-based service activities.

The Bonner Center for Faith & Service supports Christian, Jewish and Muslim student groups, as well other religious and cultural groups on campus. While living and growing in one′s own particular faith, students are called to live with respect for a diverse community of many beliefs and practices. Common commitments to servant leadership, social justice and compassion for others often link students of different religious backgrounds in service, learning and ecumenical ministries.

The College′s Presbyterian history teaches us to value the life of faith and spiritual integrity, as well as the life of the mind; to respect religious freedom and diversity; and to serve God by serving with our neighbors, seeking peace and justice in all of God′s creation.

For more information about religious life at Rhodes or to learn about churches and other faith communities in Memphis, contact the Chaplain′s Office at 901-843-3849.
Religious organizations sponsored by the college are student-led, committed to a spirit of cooperative ministry, with respect for differences in faith and practice.  All students and religious groups at Rhodes are urged to participate in the Kinney Community Service Program and Interfaith activities. Churches, para-church groups, and other religious organizations must register and be approved by the college before coming on campus for the purpose of ministry or program leadership.


Student Religious Groups

Catholic Student Association
Becca Olivarez (
Kevin Sierra (                                                                                                               Sister Sharon Glumb (

Charis (PCUSA)
Walt Tennyson, Chaplain (
Community of Rhodes Episcopalians 
Annie Bares (

Baptist Collegiate Ministries                                                                                                                                Hillary Quirk (                                                                                                                 Courtney Williams (
Bryan Gill (

Jewish Student Organization- Hillel
Liz Bigus (
Sarah Laves (

Meditation Group
Prof. Mark Muesse (
Muslim Student Association
Andrew Howie (
Irem Khan (

Reformed University Fellowship
 Matt Walker (
 Abbey Judd (
 Chip Slawson (
 Julia Wolfe (
Andrew Flatgard (

Rhodes Christian Fellowship
 Evan Clingan (

Tuesday Fellowship
 Megan Matthews (
 Jordan Robinson (
 Jordan Infield (
 Josh Berkey (

Ride Board
Attend worship in Memphis with other Rhodes students. Check with the Bonner Center for rides, locations and times.

A complete list of religious organizations and other programs of the Bonner Center for Faith and Service is available in the Chaplain′s Brochure.