Sunday Bike Rides


Publication Date: 11/20/2009

The Rhodes Environmental Planning Cooperative is sponsoring Sunday afternoon bicycle rides around the Memphis community. The group assembles outside the Rhodes bike shop every Sunday afternoon and travel to locations in the Midtown area.

EPC Chair Tracy Adkisson says, “We began the rides because we wanted to involve the Rhodes bike shop and make the Rhodes community more bike-friendly and knowledgeable. We tried to think of events that would get people more involved.”

The group began their rides last semester when they hosted a “Rides of Spring” ride to Otherlands Coffee Bar in the Cooper-Young District. They also bought decorations, such as balloons and streamers, so that people could spruce up their bikes. The program took off from there.

Adkisson explains the benefits of cycling with a group. “Students might be intimidated about trying to navigate from here to Miss Cordelia’s on Mud Island or to Cooper Young alone on a bike because there are no bike lanes,” she says.

“The nice thing about these excursions is that when you get several bikes together, you’re going to be seen. That’s a good safe place for someone to learn firsthand how to get from one location to another on a bike without feeling as vulnerable when they are riding alone.”

Everyone in the Rhodes community—students, faculty, staff, alumni and their children—are  welcome to join the bike excursions. While riders bring their own bicycles, individuals without a bike can email Rhodes Bike Shop Manager Alex Iberg about obtaining one from the shop.

In addition, each rider must wear a helmet, as Iberg stresses the importance of safety: “We’re trying to teach people how to bike responsibly and safely. When you’re out riding, if people see you with a helmet on, they are aware that you’re trying to be safer by being conscientious about your riding, and you get more respect from drivers on the road.”

Students who do not own a helmet may check one out from the bike shop.

The group’s future plans include a trip to the Pink Palace to see a movie and a Christmas shopping trip to Cooper-Young on November 22. Plans are also in the works for a tour circling downtown and a tour of all the historical parks in Memphis.

For more information, contact Tracy Adkisson at 843-3870, or email Alex Iberg at

(information compiled by Rhodes Student Associate Brianna McCullough ′10)