New Faculty Roll Call


Publication Date: 8/26/2009



Here is the list of new Rhodes faculty for 2009-2010.



Sarah Boyle, Assistant Professor
Professor Boyle (Ph.D., Arizona State University) studies Mammalian Ecology and Conservation in tropical ecosystems.  In addition to interests in Environmental Science and Tropical Biology she will provide faculty support for GIS. 

David Kabelik, Assistant Professor
Professor Kabelik (Ph.D., Arizona State University) is a Neuroscientist and Animal Physiologist who studies the neural and hormonal regulation of aggression, using lizards as model systems. 

Economics and Business:

Steve Caudill, Professor and Robert McCallum Chair of Economics
Professor Caudill (Ph.D., University of Florida) joins the department from Auburn University where he was the Regions Bank Professor of Economics.  His field is Econometrics, and he has taught Managerial Economics, Statistics and the Economics of Sports.


Lori Garner, Assistant Professor
Professor Garner (Ph.D., University of Missouri - Columbia) studies Old and Middle English language and literature, oral tradition and folklore, and the history and structure of the English language. 

Greek and Roman Studies:

Scott Garner, Assistant Professor
Professor Garner (Ph.D., Princeton University) will teach in both the Humanities Program and in Greek and Roman Studies.  His research focuses on Early Greek poetry. 


Willie Hiatt, Assistant Professor
Professor Hiatt (Ph.D., University of California – Davis) is a Latin American Historian and has studied the history and impact of aviation in Peru.

Mathematics and Computer Science:

Jeff Hamrick, Assistant Professor
Professor Hamrick (Ph.D., Boston University) is interested in Financial Economics and uses statistical analyses to study exotic financial instruments and financial crises. 

Terri Lindquester, Visiting Associate Professor
Professor Lindquester (Ph.D., Emory University) studies Graph Theory and Combinatorics.  Her teaching has covered a wide array of courses in Mathematics, including the development of a course in Cryptology. 

Modern Languages and Literatures:

Elizabeth Bridges, Assistant Professor

Professor Bridges (Ph.D., Indiana University) joins us from Hendrix College.  She studies technology, literature and culture focusing on mechanical humans as presented in German texts from 1770 to the present. 

Anton Garcia-Fernandez, Instructor
Mr. Garcia-Fernandez (M.A. Vanderbilt University) is completing his Ph.D. in Spanish at Vanderbilt University.  He studies novels of roguery in sixteenth to eighteenth century Spanish and English. 

Felix Kronenberg, Assistant Professor and Director of the Language Learning Center
Professor Kronenberg (Ph.D., University of Regensberg) joins us from Pomona College.  He studies German culture, media and film, particularly how Germans and Germany are depicted in American Advertising. 

Laura Loth, Assistant Professor
Professor Loth (Ph.D., University of Minnesota) joins us from Union College.  She studies Francophone women writers and filmmakers and in addition to French Language classes she has taught Francophone Caribbean Studies, Colonial and Postcolonial Studies and Gender Studies. 

Xiaoling Shi, Assistant Professor
Professor Shi (Ph.D., University of Arizona) is interested in Cross-cultural Studies, Film Studies and Intellectual History.  She taught previously in China and in Singapore. 


William Skoog, Professor and Elizabeth G. Daughdrill Chair in Performing Arts
Professor Skoog (D.A., University of Northern Colorado) joins us from Bowling Green State University as Chair of the Department of Music.  His interests are in Choral Conducting and in addition to his other activities he will lead the Rhodes Singers and the Mastersingers Chorale. 


Kyle Grady, Assistant Professor
Professor Grady (Ph.D., Penn State University) studies Kant, German Idealism and Post-Kantian Continental Philosophy.


Bojan Tunguz, Assistant Professor
Professor Tunguz (Ph.D., University of Illinois) joins us from Wabash College, where he taught a wide variety of classes in Physics.  His research interests are in Theoretical Physics. 

Political Science:

Brent Cusher, Jack Miller-Veritas Fund Post-Doctoral Fellow
Mr. Cusher is completing the requirements for his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto.  He is interested in Political Philosophy with his most recent research looking at work by Rousseau and Plato. 


Leon Caldwell, Research Associate Professor
Professor Caldwell (Ph.D., Penn State University) joins us from the University of Memphis.  His current interests include Multicultural Counseling and African American men’s health.

Mistie Germek, Assistant Professor
Professor Germek (Ph.D., University of Denver) joins us from the University of California, Davis where she completed her clinical work in Counseling Psychology.  Her interests are in Counseling and Sports Psychology. 

Katherine White, Assistant Professor
Professor White (Ph.D., University of Florida) joins us from Centre College.  Her interests are Cognitive Psychology, Memory and the Psychology of Aging. 

Religious Studies:

Ellie Bagley, Assistant Professor
Professor Bagley (D.Phil., University of Oxford) joins us from Rocky Mountain College.  Her interests are in Historical Theology of the Reformation Period and Biblical Translations. 

Tracy Lemos, Assistant Professor
Professor Lemos (Ph.D. Yale University) joins us from Miami University of Ohio.  Her interests are in Hebrew Bible and Early Judaism.