Crossroads Summer Teams Expand Digital Archive Into Community Building


Publication Date: 7/10/2009

Rhodes’ Crossroads to Freedom is among digital archive projects creating models for enhancing Americans’ understanding of the civil rights era.  Since 2006, student teams have been responsible for identifying individuals to interview, conducting video interviews, editing the transcripts, and cataloging and uploading the interviews.

Crossroads Fellows for this summer are: Tenedra Bafford (Rhodes); Bradley Bledsoe (Rhodes); Daniel Jacobs (Rhodes Alumnus); Andy Mrkva (University of Memphis, M.A.); Arijit Paul (Rhodes Alumnus); Daniel Saba (St. Benedict/American University); Elizabeth Saba (Rhodes Alumnus); Marrissa Scales (Rhodes); Tiffani Smith (Fisk University); Courtney Waters (Rhodes); Paris Westbrook (Fisk University); April Wilson (Tennessee State University); Nadia Winston (Rhodes); Mack Zalin (Rhodes Alumnus).

The fellows have divided into three teams to process and collect new material. The following gives a description about each.

Gold Team: Social Networking and Publicity

This team is including Crossroads in multiple social networking environments such as Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube, among others. The goal is to develop different user interfaces to the collection. The team also will investigate using traditional media to publicize the project.

Team members are Tenedra Bafford, Daniel Jacobs (team leader), April Wilson and Nadia Winston.

Green Team: Neighborhood Inventory Pilot

This team is developing a community historical assets inventory with focus on the Hyde Park neighborhood near the Rhodes campus. The process will include, but is not limited to, a tour of the community, locating articles on Hyde Park, identifying residents with stories to tell, and collecting these stories through interviews.

Team members are Andy Mrkva (team leader), Daniel Saba, Elizabeth Saba, Marrissa Scales and Paris Westbrook.

Purple Team: Digitization of Partner Collections in the Memphis Public Library

This team is developing a process for remotely digitizing and uploading collections at the Memphis Public Library and Information Center.  Focus will be the Evergreen (neighborhood) Collection and the Everett R. Cook Oral History Program that includes materials from the Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association (MIFA).

Team members are Bradley Bledsoe, Arijit Paul, Tiffani Smith (team leader), Courtney Waters and MacKenzie Zalin.