Ross Hilliard ’07


Photo: Ross Hilliard

Oak Ridge, TN
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

I struck gold at Rhodes. Not only did I receive wonderful mentoring from faculty and staff and enjoy outstanding experiences in the classroom, I had two additional opportunities that helped to shape the person I will become. The first was the Rhodes St. Jude Summer Plus program through which I worked for three years in the same laboratory researching a principal protein involved in allowing pneumonia to infect human nasal passages. The goal was to identify new techniques and procedures for combating the bacteria. Since St. Jude is a top-tier research institution, I had access to instruments and technology beyond the reach of most institutions in the U.S. or even much of the international research community. My other pivotal involvement was as the Rhodes student associate responsible for student computer services. I received excellent training and mentoring from the Information Technology Services staff, and was able to learn many valuable lessons about leading a team and passing along knowledge to others. My experience at Rhodes left me with a strong desire to support the college financially when I can to ensure that future students have the same rich experiences I enjoyed.

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