Anne-Marie Crifasi ’07


Photo: Anne-Marie Crifasi

Metairie, LA

I will never forget the day Professor Vest opened our Search class with, “We’re going to take a walk,” then led us to his home where we sat around the fire and discussed our lesson. He let us into his life and took the trouble to get to know us as individuals. That was only the first of many such experiences. I also have fond memories of a 10-day showerless trip through New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma and Arizona led by Professor Peter Ekstrom. We slept in tents and sleeping bags, cooked over campfires, scaled mountains and built teamwork and confidence in our individual capabilities and strengths. Then there were my acting classes with Professor Cookie Ewing. Theater challenged me more physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally than any other course I took at Rhodes. Through these classes I learned to be comfortable in my own skin and discovered a passion to celebrate life by living in the moment. I am so very grateful for my experience at Rhodes and look forward to a time when I can give back. My support will definitely be directed toward providing resources for the wonderful and dedicated faculty to keep doing what they do so very well.

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