Stephanie Fox ’10


Saint Charles, MO
Undeclared Major

I came to visit Rhodes three times and then applied early decision. I′m so glad I did. There is something unbelievably amazing about Rhodes. From the first day of orientation until now I have felt so welcome. All the teachers really want to help the students, and the students really want to help each other. I love the close relationships here. It′s community. It′s life-changing. And I love it.

Rhodes has far exceeded my expectations. There is a high level of academics with small classes and close relationships with teachers. That has pushed me to be a better student and broadened my perspective. I learn a lot better when I can ask questions in class and when I can talk to my teachers one-on-one instead of just being a number in a lecture.

[The] Search [for Values in the Light of Western History and Religion] is an example of what I really like about Rhodes. When I came, I really didn′t have any religious background, but I′ve always wanted to learn more about religion. Through Search, my teachers gave me a perspective on different religions without imposing anything, and I loved that. But it′s not just about religion. It′s also learning about you and what you think, and becoming more open to other cultures.

Part of what helped the material come to life was a trip the Search faculty was able to take in summer 2005. For example, when we were studying The Aeneid, my professor told us about being in the actual places, and it made the class more exciting, more vivid. It got me really excited and made me want to go visit another culture and see what it′s like for myself. In fact, I′m planning to spend my junior year studying in Germany.

Search also brings a lot of speakers to campus, which adds so much to the classroom experience. I was particularly excited to hear Marvin Meyer, who helped translate the Gospel of Judas. We read the gospel in class and talked about it, but meeting someone who actually dealt with the original material and translated it was incredible! The class field trip to Nashville to see the Parthenon was also amazing. I think being able to have even more trips like that would be great. It′s a chance to experience for yourself what you′ve read about in a text.

Rhodes wants you to develop overall as a person, and the atmosphere here really does promote lifelong learning. Everyone on campus wants you to learn—your professors and your fellow students—and that has a lot to do with Rhodes students′ high acceptance rates to graduate schools. There′s also an abundance of opportunities to get involved on and off campus. The college′s relationship with Memphis is very important, and volunteering is a big part of Rhodes. Through my sorority I′ve helped with Prevent Child Abuse America, and I really want to get involved at Snowden or at St. Jude while I′m here.

I′ve also loved some of the extracurricular activities—like playing lacrosse for the first time and being part of a leadership program called Envision. My involvement in that program allowed me to help add more food choices to the meal plan and showed me that change is very possible. Even President Troutt came and talked to us. Everyone is so willing to help the students better their experience. I feel so welcome here, and everyone really wants me to succeed. I can′t imagine being anywhere else.

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