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By Bud Richey


Dear Alumnus/a,

Greetings from the Alumni Relations Office.

The 2006-07 academic year presents opportunities for alumni to support student learning and development. In fact the process has already begun. Last spring, Trish Puryear Moalla ’90, a member of the leadership team of the Rhodes Chapter of Nashville, was successful in creating 12 summer internships for Rhodes students in various agencies in Nashville. Several students were placed in meaningful internships as a result. An excerpted portion of one of the evaluations provided by Margaret Lovett, a research coordinator at Vanderbilt Medical Center, follows:

    “Brittany Howard ’08 had her last day here Tuesday, Aug. 15. She was WONDERFUL! She is bright, caught on easily and was very good with the patients. She actually worked full weeks all summer, so she had an in-depth experience with our research. At the same time, because she was investing so much time with us, we definitely felt it worth our time to teach her as much as we could. We even trained her to be an evaluator, doing structured interviews with patients, and she especially liked that. I talked with her about her experience several days ago. She said she has a better feel for research and all the tedious details. She liked the patient contact and found it ranged from easy to difficult.

    “We would love to have another student next summer; the study should continue for a number of years more. I am assuming Brittany would not want to come back but would probably like to have another experience in line with her desire to become a doctor. We would take her back without question.

    “We are truly grateful for your choosing us as a site worthy of having one of the Rhodes students.”

Plans are in development for the Rhodes Chapter of New York City to host Rhodes students for a three-day period in January to inform them of opportunities for employment and internships in New York. The Washington, DC, chapter is planning a program during the March 2007 spring break to share information about living and working in DC.

While these examples speak to programs under way or delivered through Rhodes chapters, individual alumni can help support the engagement of students. Our students cherish internships or other work experiences in the fields they wish to enter. They are willing to accept assignments as close as the Memphis Zoo across North Parkway from the campus to opportunities in other countries.

Our faculty and staff are seeking ways to engage students. We need our alumni to help. Please contact the Alumni Relations Office either by phone, 800-264-LYNX (5969), or electronically,, to volunteer possibilities that you may offer.

Best regards,
Bud Richey
Associate Vice President and Director of Alumni Relations

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