In Print



The Gathering Eye
By Tina Barr, Rhodes Associate Professor of English. Dorset, VT: Tupelo Press; 72 pp. $14.95.
Winner of the Tupelo Press Editor’s Prize in Poetry

In Search of Rachmaninoff
By Valeria Z. Nollan, Rhodes Associate Professor of Russian. Amsterdam: Wouter de Voogd; 39 pp. $13.95. Available from the Rhodes bookstore, 901-843-3535.
A poem concerned with the beauty of the composer’s music and triumph of his life


Meant To Be
By Edie Claire (Edie Vincent Swihart ’87). New York: Warner Books; 400 pp. $5.99
A new heroine, Meara O’Rourke, finds her birth parents and romance.

The Edge of the Gulf
By Hadley Hury ’71. Scottsdale: Poisoned Pen Press; 324 pp. $24.95
Good and evil vie in a gripping first novel set on the Florida Gulf Coast.

Raining Rum and Other Short Stories To Drink To
By Bobbo Jetmundsen ’77. Atlanta: Bobbo Publishing; 144 pp. $22.95

Fictional anecdotes based on the author’s worldwide travels


Bakhtin: Ethics and Mechanics
By Valerie Z. Nollan, editor, Rhodes Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures. Evanston: Northwestern University Press; 128 pp. $79.95
Essays on Russian linguist and critic Mikhail Bakhtin

Throwing off the Cloak of Privilege: White Southern Women Activists in the Civil Rights Era
By Gail S. Murray, editor, Rhodes Associate Professor of History. Gainesville: University Press of Florida; 250 pp. $59.95
Essays on how Southern ladies became civil rights activists

The Bonhoeffer Phenomenon
By Stephen R. Haynes, Rhodes Associate Professor of Religious Studies. Minneapolis: Fortress Press; 280 pp. $22

An exploration of the ways Protestant theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer is remembered, celebrated and appropriated

When Things Begin To Go Bad: Narrative Explorations of Difficult Issues
Edited by George Howard and Edward A. Delgado-Romero ’88, co-editors. Lanham, MD: Hamilton Books; 141 pp. $25

Thirteen personal narratives by psychologists, counselors and therapists that focus on hope

Understanding David Foster Wallace
By Marshall Boswell, Rhodes Associate Professor of English. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press; 208 pp. $34.95

A detailed look at the four major works of Wallace, a leader of modernism’s third wave

The Taney Court: Justices, Rulings and Legacy
By Timothy S. Huebner, Rhodes Associate Professor of History. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO; 288 pp. $65
An exploration of the U.S. Supreme Court during an era of dramatic sectionalism, slavery and the Civil War

The United States Discovers Panama: The Writings of Soldiers, Scholars, Scientists and Scoundrels, 1850-1905
Edited by Michael LaRosa, Rhodes Associate Professor of History, and Germán Mejia, Professor of History, Pontificia Universidad Javierana, Bogotá. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield; 336 pp. $65

This volume reprises century-old U.S. images of Panama with a selection of articles from two of the most influential publications of the era.

Hitchcock and France: The Forging of an Auteur
By James M. Vest, Rhodes Professor of French. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers; 256 pp. $69.95

Explores film director Alfred Hitchcock’s encounters with prominent French film critics of the 1950s, which enhanced his reputation as a creative artist.

Fiction, Famine and the Rise of Economics in Victorian Britain and Ireland
By Gordon Bigelow, Rhodes Assistant Professor of English. New York: Cambridge University Press; 242 pp. $65

How works by novelists Charles Dickens and Elizabeth Gaskell and other commentaries eventually provided the foundation for a new theory of capitalism based on the desires of the individual consumer.

Inquiring of Joseph: Getting To Know a Biblical Character through the Qur’an
By John Kaltner, Rhodes Associate Professor of Religious Studies. Collegeville, MN; Liturgical Press. 132 pp. $14.95

There are two ways to tell this story, both worth reading.

Latin American and Caribbean Foreign Policy
Edited by Frank O. Mora, Rhodes Associate Professor of International Studies, and Jeanne A.K. Hey, Director of International Studies at Miami University of Ohio. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield; 432 pp. $29.95 paper, $75 cloth

A comprehensive analysis of the foreign policies of 18 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean

Making Jazz French: Music and Modern Life in Interwar Paris
By Jeffrey H. Jackson, Rhodes Associate Professor of History. Durham: Duke University Press; 280 pp. $21.95 paper, $74.95 cloth

The full story of how and why jazz was so popular, yet controversial, in the 1920’s and 1930’s Paris

Paella Paella
By Rhodes Spanish Instructor María Solís Ballinger and her daughter Natalía Solís Ballinger. New York: 6th Avenue Books. 128 pp. $16.95

Divine recipes for tapas, gazpacho, paella, entrées, desserts and sangria

The Visual Focus of American Media Culture in the Twentieth Century: The Modern Era
By Lee Umphlett ’54. Cranberry, NJ: Associated University Presses; 336 pp. $55
An analysis of the media-made culture’s impact on American life

When on the Mountain There Is No Tiger, Monkey Is King
By John Malmo ’58. Memphis: Archer Malmo Inc. 248 pp. $24.95

Covers 10 fundamental areas of business in simple, no-nonsense language.

Prefab Modern
By Jill Herbers ’82. New York: Harper Design International, 160 pp. $39.95
An exploration of the best prefabricated houses today.

Building a Knowledge-Driven Organization
By Robert H. Buckman, Rhodes Trustee and Chair, Bulabs Holding Co. New York: McGraw-Hill; 300 pp. $24.95

The focus is on the people side of knowledge management and what it takes to get employees to contribute to a knowledge system.