Alumni News

By the Alumni Relations Office


Dear Alumnus/a,

This issue of RHODES magazine features the Paul Barret, Jr. Library in prominent ways, and I have been asked to write this column within that context. It is easy to do.

I begin with a sincere invitation to you as a member of the alumni community to visit and use the library.

Two weeks ago following a lunch meeting in the refectory with some of the Alumni Board members to discuss the Homecoming art auction, three of us toured the library. We walked through just about all of the facility and spent far more time there than we had intended.

It is a pleasure to visit the building with alumni. When you get past the striking beauty of the library, which does not happen quickly, you begin to understand how this building can function as a center for learning. At times, Jerome and Amy were vocal in drawing contrasts to what they remembered from their days as students and what they imagined using the library would be like for students now and in the future. At other times, the three of us were silent, each absorbed in our own thoughts of how this building will become a special center of learning at Rhodes College.

If you receive the monthly electronic newsletter, you are aware of the request that I made of alumni who have published to send two copies of each work. I reiterate that request for those of you who are not receiving our e-newsletters. Please send two copies of your book(s) or other publications to the Alumni Relations Office at the college. We will place one copy in the library archives and the other in a special section of alumni works that will be available through the general circulation.

The Paul Barret, Jr. Library is magnificent. It is a wonderful melding of beauty and function. Its capabilities are powerful. One can’t help but walk through the building and be struck by the feeling that “learning occurs here.” Rhodes is fortunate to have a learning center of this caliber. At the same time, when we see the remarkable things happening in this college, our community deserves a first-rate library. We are grateful to the trustees of the Paul Barret, Jr. Testamentary Trust for making the dream of this library become a reality.

Come see it for yourself. You will be glad you did.


Bud Richey
Alumni Relations