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Transformations: Stories of Service
Edited by Michael Lamb ′04, Rhodes Scholar. 120 pp. $15
“These men, women, and children taught us about courage, humility, and hope. Our stories are also theirs. I hope their voices are heard.” says Rhodes Scholar Michael Lamb at the end of Transformations. This coffee table style compilation of stories and poems contributed by Rhodes students and alumni about their experiences serving and befriending others in Memphis and other parts of the world is available for purchase in the Rhodes Bookstore, online purchase or through order by contacting Rhodes CARES at (901) 843-3169 or Proceeds will be used to support service and service-learning at Rhodes.

As You Like It
Edited by Cynthia Marshall, Chair, Rhodes Department of English. Cambridge, UK: University of Cambridge Press. 262 pp. $70 cloth, $27.99 paper
William Shakespeare’s play As You Like It tells a story about changing cultural and theatrical practices. Prof. Marshall’s book provides a detailed history of the play in production, both on stage and screen. The introduction examines how changing conceptions of gender roles have affected the portrayal of Rosalind, one of Shakespeare’s greatest comic heroines. The commentary draws on primary sources to illuminate how costuming, stage business, design and directorial choices have shaped the play in performance.

A Companion to the British and Irish Novel 1945-2000
Edited by Brian W. Shaffer, Rhodes Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, the Charles R. Glover Chair of English Studies. Oxford, UK: Blackwell Publishing. 608 pp. $124.95
A comprehensive guide to the British and Irish novel between the close of World War II and the turn of the millennium, Prof. Shaffer’s book covers a wide range of authors from Samuel Beckett to Salman Rushdie. Included are readings of from authors such as Graham Greene, Jean Rhys and Kazuo Ishiguro; considerations of particular subgenres such as feminist and postcolonial novels; and discussions of cultural, political and literary trends such as screen adaptations and the literary prize phenomenon.

Islamic Activism: A Social Movement Theory Approach
Edited by Quintan Wiktorowicz, Rhodes Assistant Professor of International Studies, J.S. Seidman Research Fellow. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 320 pp. $59.95 cloth, $24.95 paper
Prof. Wiktotowicz’s book analyzes Islamic activist movements throughout the Muslim world. It covers examples of Islamic activism (Sunni and Shi’a) in eight countries, both Arab and non-Arab, including case studies of violence and contention, networks and alliances and culture and framing. Drawing on extensive field work, the contributors show how social movement theory can be utilized to address a wide range of questions about the mobilization of contention to support Muslim causes.

Memphis Jack
By Harvey Goldner ’65. Seattle: Spankstra Press. 32 pp. $5
A book of 31 poems by longtime Seattle poet Harvey Goldner. From the title poem:

Born in a city like a woman’s purse
cluttered with a hundred comforts,
born in a house like a woman’s
purse (perfumed darkness)
Jack grew up hungry.

Hedges on Hedge Funds: How To Successfully Analyze and Select an Investment
By James R. Hedges IV ’89. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. 232 pp. $49.95
The book is a guide to hedge fund investing by Jim Hedges, founder, president and chief investment officer of LJH Global Investments. The author addresses the specifics of hedge fund investing, including how to find and invest in them, and gives a thorough overview of hedge fund investment strategies along with four vital elements for choosing the right fund manager. Included in the book are explanations of the similarities, differences and risks in these investment strategies to help investors choose from among today’s many approaches.

Finding Time for the Timeless: Spirituality in the Work Week
By John McQuiston II ’65. Woodstock, VT: SkyLight Paths Publishing. 208 pp. $17.99 cloth
Memphis attorney John McQuiston has assembled a collection of real-life examples of everyday spiritual practices people use to free themselves from the work-and-worry mindset of 21st-century culture. Integrating real life and prayer life, the book shows how people can combine spiritual habits with the routine.