By President William E. Troutt


President Troutt (left) with Gail P.C. Streete, the W.J. Millard Professor of Religious Studies and recipient of the 2008 Jameson M. Jones Award for Faculty Service, and Michael Drompp, Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs

One constant theme continues to emerge in all my conversations with Rhodes alumni. Whether you graduated in 1936 or 2006, you each tell a personal story about how you connected with Rhodes professors in ways that changed your lives. I continue to be inspired by these stories of how a relationship with a faculty mentor made the critical difference in your personal and professional lives.

I am especially inspired by the countless ways our late dean, Jameson Jones ’36, affected the intellectual and spiritual lives of so many of you, both during and after his years at Rhodes. As John Gladney ’74, who established the Jameson M. Jones Outstanding Faculty Service Award, has said, "Members of the faculty serve Rhodes in many ways that go beyond formal teaching duties and scholarship."

As I begin my 10th fall at Rhodes, I appreciate more than ever how excellence at our college indeed begins with our faculty. They are gifted teacher/scholars who challenge, engage and connect students in life-changing ways. As John Hugon ’77, one of our trustees, says, "It’s with our faculty-that’s where the magic begins."

In this issue of Rhodes, you have read how faculty like David McCarthy, David Jilg and Judith Haas are making an impact in the lives of our students, and how our new Environmental Studies Program postdocs are reaching across the curriculum, all under the able leadership of Michael Drompp, our new Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

When today’s first-year students graduate in 2012, they will truly be connected with a talented and committed faculty. They will have taken full advantage of their Rhodes education, and without a doubt, they will have experienced the "magic" of a liberal arts education that for them, and generations of Rhodes students, began with our faculty.


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