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Interview: Luther Ivory

Dr. Luther Ivory is a professor of Religious Studies at Rhodes. Originally born and raised in Memphis, TN, Prof. Ivory was involved in gang activity as an adolescent. After witnessing Martin Luther King, Jr.′s speech in the mason temple, he changed his way of thinking about the world and embraced intellectual pursuits.

Clipping: News of Bygone Days [25 Years Ago, Aug. 22, 1959]

This clipping marks the 25th anniversary of the 1959 campaign for the Volunteer Ticket in Memphis. It notes that Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr., Benjamin Hooks and others attracted nationwide attention even though they lost.

Document: "Resolution Adopted Last Night by Foes of Integration at Hoxie"

This resolution was written by the Foes of Integration in Hoxie, AR, in regard to the decision made by the Hoxie School Board to integrate the schools.

Pamplet: NAACP - An American Organization

This pamphlet, published by the NAACP at the height of the Red Scare in the mid-1950′s, stresses the organization′s opposition to communism and its commitment to democratic values. The cover is emblazoned with an American flag. It is specifically directed at those supporters of segregation who tried to falsely link the NAACP with the Communist party.

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"Between 1953 and 1957, there was a black gentleman who served ice cream in the dining hall. This man took several of us under his wing and introduced us to black Memphis—we learned to love the music, the food, the depth of spiritual commitment and the friendships that were contrary to our heritage. It was controversial on the campus, but we loved it and it changed my life, and I′m sure it changed others."— A Rhodes alumnus, class of 1957

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