Lost Trees to be Replaced Threefold


Publication Date: 6/19/2009

A strong wind storm passed through Memphis last Friday, knocking out power at Rhodes for 48 hours and destroying three large trees on campus: a water oak just west of Oak Alley, a cottonwood near the East Village parking lot an an ash near the North Parkway gate. A number of smaller trees also were lost, including two black walnuts, two sawtooth oaks, several Bradford pears, a tulip poplar and a persimmon tree.

Tracy Adkisson ′95, Associate Director of Physical Plant, reports that Rhodes will replace these trees with hardwood trees next winter, at a ratio of three new trees for every one lost. "That will add 33 trees to our campus," says Adkisson. "They will start out small, but our children and grandchildren will enjoy hearing us tell about when these towering trees reached up to only our chins!"