Twitter and Facebook Work for Brian Ward ’92


Publication Date: 6/10/2009

Brian Ward ’92 and Lyell Peterson’93 were featured in a TIME online article June 8, 2009, about finding a job through social networking.

Ward lost his job on a Friday afternoon. By using his networking skills, he scheduled a job interview within four hours and found a new job 11 days later.

It’s all about connections. In fact, Chandlee Bryan ’93 put TIME in touch with Ward.

“The small size of Rhodes really promotes a sense of collegial sharing,” she says. “I wasn’t close with Lyell or Brian during my college days. Recently, I wrote a small e-book for Microsoft as part of a consulting project that I did with them, and Lyell helped me proof it late night.
“I’ve worked with students at big schools and found that many of their grads dread their reunions because they think they aren’t measuring up to peers. I’ve never found this to be true at Rhodes.”