Rhodes-Hill Mural Featured on NBC’s Today Show.


Publication Date: 5/27/2009

This morning, the Rhodes-Hill Mural was featured on NBC’s Today Show

Producer Mike Leonard interviewed mural artist Jeff Zimmerman, building owner Chick Hill, and many of the Memphis residents whose faces are featured in the mural.  The segment focused on the value of the “regular Joe” as the subject of the mural, as opposed to the more common subject of “leaders, politicians, or other famous faces.”

Leonard discussed the empowering nature of the mural with the faces of the work, while Zimmerman expressed his desire for the mural to “spark dialogue” throughout the city.

Rhodes students Carly Agre, Luke Branim, Shelby Long and Meghan Wilcox, in collaboration with the Center for Outreach in the Development of the Arts (CODA) and the building’s owner Chick Hill, managed the project.

Watch the entire segment on the Today Show Web site.

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