Rhodes-Hill Mural: The Today Show!


Publication Date: 4/28/2009

On April 23 and 24, the faces of the Rhodes-Hill Mural came together in person for the taping of a Today Show segment to be aired in May.

Dominika Haywood of Lester Middle and her mother reflect on what it means to be chosen to be a part of the mural to videographer and producer Mike Leonard.

Casey and Shuler Tidwell joked that when they want to show someone the family portrait, they could just drive downtown. Casey also said that her older son, aged 3, exclaimed from the backseat when they were still about a mile away from the mural, “it’s Mommy and Shuler in the sky!”

Ms. Savannah Simmons said she is not fazed by the all of the media attention, saying “people who know me know what I stand for, and the mural doesn’t change that.”

Students from the Grizzlies Academy in front of the camera. Several said that they would like to paint murals themselves one day.

Rhodes students (left to right) Meghan Wilcox, Carly Agre, and Shelby Long discuss what it is like to see the project that was just an idea a year ago come to fruition.

The mural,about 85% finished.

Artist Jeff Zimmermann and producer Mike Leonard high in the sky.

For more information and photos of the progress, visit rhodes.edu/mural.