Rhodes-Hill Mural: Savannah


Publication Date: 4/16/2009

On March 31, muralist Jeff Zimmerman finished painting Savannah, a downtown Memphian in her mid-80s, who was incorporated into the design. The mural is about one-fourth complete.

The artist worked from a photo he took of Savannah. Zimmermann likes to put “average citizens” into his designs, so he often walks around the mural site and asks to take pictures of people passing by. Several of the children are from nearby Stax Academy, and Savannah lives downtown. Memphians of all ages, sizes and colors are included in the mural design. Can you imagine yourself two-stories large?

The artists in front of their work (left to right):  Local artist Niki Johnson, Chicago muralist Brendon Hudson, Memphis artist Anthony Lee and Jeff Zimmermann, the head mural artist and Chicago native, are pictured in front of the mural. The mural team works both on the wall and in the studio, day and night. Depending on the weather, the mural will be completed between mid-April and early May.

For more information and photos of the progress, visit rhodes.edu/mural.