Rhodes to Host Conference Exploring Core Programs in Liberal Arts Education


Publication Date: 4/15/2009

Rhodes will host the 15th Annual Conference of the Association for Core Texts and Courses (ACTC) April 16-19. Cosponsors are Aquinas College, Carthage College, and Samford University. The theme is “Memory, Invention, Delivery: Transmitting and Transforming Knowledge and Culture in Liberal Arts Education for the Future.”

About 300 professors and administrators from the United States and Canada will be attending the conference to be held at the Holiday Inn Select.

ACTC is dedicated to enhancing liberal arts programs and supporting integrated and common study of world classics and texts of major cultural significance. The conference will examine what allows for the success of core courses/programs (like Rhodes’ Search Program) across eras, cultures, disciplines, texts, and students.

Created by the Rhodes faculty in 1945, Search for Values in the Light of Western History is an interdisciplinary study of the ideas, beliefs, and cultural developments that have formed western culture. It draws faculty from ten departments and over fifty percent of students participate.

Dr. Richard Dagger, Director of the Search Program, is host coordinator for the ACTC conference.  Dr. Daniel Cullen and Dr. David Sick, who was Interim Director of Search last year, have also played key roles in planning for the conference.