Rhodes-Hill Mural: Update #4


Publication Date: 4/9/2009

Merging the old and the new, Chicago muralist Jeff Zimmermann uses some techniques pioneered by Michelangelo but since he doesn’t have four years to devote to the Rhodes-Hill mural, he has developed some tricks of his own. Some features are painted directly onto the wall (a la Michelangelo) while others are done in his studio at 250 Peabody Place.

Both techniques involve projecting a photo onto a wall, tracing it and painting it. In case of rain or when he wants to work at night, Zimmerman traces and paints the image onto a new “polytab,” transports it to the wall, applies gel medium to its back and watches the material “melt” as the image adheres to the wall.

All people in the mural are Memphis residents.

Zimmermann working at night in his studio.

Images in the studio evolve...

A hard day (and night′s) work complete, Zimmerman takes a break.

For more information and photos of the progress, visit rhodes.edu/mural.